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Growing herbs is our passion. We offer a wide selection of fresh, cut herbs throughout the year. We are GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP and SMETA certified. Since inception, we have concentrated on ensuring the highest quality standards and building a reputation for excellent service and reliability. Our operating expertise and use of technology has cemented our position at the forefront of the East African fresh herb industry.

We carefully monitor our whole process to ensure the highest standards are maintained in producing a consistent supply of export quality fresh herbs. The journey begins in our nursery where we raise the plants from seeds before transplanting them into our greenhouses or open fields. We control the irrigation and plant nutrition through our state of the art fertigation system. The use of crop protection chemicals is reduced as much as possible through a sophisticated Integrated Pest Management system before the herbs are carefully harvested by hand and immediately processed through our temperature controlled pack shed. The herbs are transported in our refrigerated vehicles to Nairobi airport, only an hour away from our farms, before flying the same evening to Europe and beyond. 

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We are passionate about ethical and sustainable agriculture and are SMETA, GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP certified.

We believe it's the people who work for us and the local community who are our biggest asset. We take a humanitarian approach to fostering great relations with our workers and with the people who live close to us. We make sure the local schools are maintained to a high standard, and we engage with community elders and chiefs to ensure African culture, traditions and social structures are being respected and observed at Evergreen Herbs. 

Successful environmental management forms the foundation of profitable long-term agricultural projects, so at Evergreen Herbs we take environmental protection very seriously. We undertake impact surveys to determine the affect our setup has on the environment and test our water, soils and plants to maintain the highest quality standards.

Water conservation is of critical importance to us. We share the Athi River with many others and take great care to neither pollute the water nor pump more than our fair share. We also collect rain water and borehole water in dams to ensure we have sufficient water for irrigation during even the harshest dry spells. All the water is treated to ensure the herbs are of the highest quality.

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